burnin’ down the house


so in an attempt to bake some chicken i almost sucessfully burnt down the house again. instead of leaving on an eye, I inadvertantly turned the oven onto broil which is really close to the off spot. damn. i was really convinced i turned it off. i checked it three times. nope. damn. I also managed to burn the batch of cookies i was baking. yeah, 0 for 2.

so i went to get my hair braided up. wow, my hair was a hot mess. when the new lady ws taking down my hair, she stopped and was like “what is going on here? look at this, there are rubberbands in her hair!” My hair was braided back like cornrows and the hair weaqved across like a mat. at one corner of my head my hair was matted up like dread locks. the hair had grown around the rubber bands and matted up becuase she’d braid sections of my hair and then rubberband the individual braids. Everyone was really shocked and appalled. they gave me wine. you know how some shops offer you water, maybe a cookie…they offer you wine. good wine. when i came in i told them about how i always walked by their shop on the way to the gym and i would see them and go “Oh, black people.” and then an hour later two other girls came in and said the exact same thing. My stylist even invited me to her birthday party on the 24th. A party that will have a dj, a jazz band, and a bar. Dress code is sexy, yet stylish. She explicitly said, “there will be single men. you know, real men. business men.” Yeah, i’m going. I don’t care if i don’t know anyone there, I will make friends. I love this area. I got blacks to the north, latinos to the west…and everywhere, asians to the east… and whereever there are not blacks or latinos. We talked about good daycares (one of the ladies runs a place out of her house) and private schools over public schools (because when your child is showing so much potential its hard to think about putting them in the pasadena school district, let alone LAUSD). My hair now has been braided in a continuous circle- think the way they weave a basket. I got to see the hair she bought for me…wow! same length as before, softer, really good color match. I am so excited.

Kirk is going to meet Mols parents on Friday. Her grandfather is having a building dedicated. I couldn’t help but laugh. Its really not that funny, except i know how mols feels about having your friends or boyfriends meet your parents. We both love our parents to death, but really would prefer they not be exposed to the general public. Both our mothers were kinda mean and a little ‘stressed’ when we were growing up, so bringing the friends home didn’t really happen at either of our houses. To give my close friends an example, you’ll know how my sister treats….well, she learned that from my mom. ’nuff said. My relationship with my mom improved after I moved out of the house for college, and then in my sophomore year, I called her on her emotional tyranny that dominated my childhood. She apologized. Things have been way better since. They’ll be gone for four days, which is a completely safe amount of time. not too much not to little, fulfills a family quoutient to tide the family over until the holidays. especially since she just saw them. My friend Esther also had a really difficult time when she visited her parents and had to cut her trip short. she tried to stay for 5 days, but could barely make it through 3. the fams is a bit homophobic, and really, she’s too old to continue to put herself through that. 5 days is too much. 4 is plenty because it can be iether split perfectly-two with friends, two with family- which usually makes everyone happy. the last time i was home in october i spent about 2 1/2 with friends and 1 1/2 with family—sleeping on people’s floors is not the hit. Going home is just a series of sleeping on floors, renting cars, and wishing i’d rented a hotel room. i should start saving for August and Christmas. At least I can just lay on the couch without having people look at me from friday to monday night. he he he


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