scales of reality


so things that are going my way:
1) I have the best fucking hair right now. It just kicks so much ass I don’t know what to say. I know it sounds incredibly vain, but fuckin’ A, she did a great job. Worth every dollar.
2)I just saw a really great free jazz show at UCLA. Note to self: musicians make the magic happen. The gayest man in the world sang “My Funny Valentine” in a baritone that made my heart stop. I actually thought to myself, “I’d have sex with him even if he is having sex with other dudes.” The trumpet players were also quite good looking. I got a chance to compliment the baritone, as well as one of the featured saxophonist, the second gayest musician at UCLA.

Things that are definitely not in my favor:
If you remember a few blog entries back I let you in on those factors in life that are stacked against me:
a) I majored in English Literature (So you wanna be poor?)
b)I’m female
c)I’m black
d) I’m over 5’11” which not my problem, but almost every fucking short person in the world likes to make it seem as if its my problem that they’re much shorter then me. Certain men who don’t read this blog know who you are.

But let me also remind you that:
Aids is increasing the fastest in which community? Oh that’s right the Black community. Amoungst which group? Oh, that’s right, heterosexual females. Proof.

But lets add some icing to that cake.
Which group of people are getting breast cancer faster and in a much worse way the other women? Oh that’s right, young black women.

So can we recap for a second: I’m gonna be poor, infected with HIV by down low, short ex-husband, and also get breast cancer that will require me to remove both my breasts– all while fighting social injustice and racism. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. At least I’ll have jazz.


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