why i don’t teach rich kids


actually, this is kinda why i also don’t teach rich white kids….becuase damn. In recent news there has been talk of a case of a young girl who managed to meet some guy on myspace who lived in the middle east. homegirl managed to trick her parents into getting her a passport, and just took off to the middle east. She’s from michigan. Let’s do some research shall we, because i have some questions.
1. how much does it cost to travel from flint, michigan to the west bank? I assume that she used the internet to buy her ticket because apparently she has a lot of unsupervised time in which to meet wierd men, so why not enough time to buy herself a plane ticket. The nice folks at orbitz.com estimate that at roundtrip ticket leaving at anytime today and returning at anytime on the 16th would cost at the very least $2118, and at the most $2511. Even if her initial purchase was only for a oneway ticket, someone had to pay for that returning ticket.
2. where did this bitch get the money for said ticket? also, where did she get the credit card to purchase said ticket? Either her allowance has accrued to this much, her parents gave her a credit card with quite a high limit, or she stole her parent’s credit card….or homedude bought her ticket. Lets just say that if I ever spent over $2000 for someone to come visit me, chances are more then likely that I would either be fucking that person….or selling them into slavery. And men are stupid…so he was gonna shell out $2000 just to fuck her and sell her into slavery.

Make sure you watch the video of her “dumbfounded” mother. how about just “dumb” mother. Had I found away to run away to Tel Aviv, my mom would have just let me stay. Or forced me to stay. There definitely would have been some news about how i ran away, but that video would be my mother cussing my ass out and tell me to just stay. Also, make sure you take a lot at her face in the picture. wow, i would have had that smirked knocked the fuck off my face. whore.

And, um, if you don’t know why or who with, or how your kid just went missing to the middle east, chances are you have no fucking clue about what your kid is up to at home. Her fucking stupid sister better be blaming her parents and that dumb girl, because really no website made you find away to get from flint to newyork to be able to fly to tel aviv. i can see how you know predators in your state could find a way to get to you, but somewhere in that fucking long ass flight with its many layovers, that girl could have turned the fuck around. she is so in need of an ass-whoppin.


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