actin a fool at the gym


so i went to work out today because i knew i shouldn’t have eaten so much @4620…and i’ve come to a realization that this language barrier is becoming the bain of my existence. First it started with the trip to spain, and then it was the world cup on Telemundo, and tonight…it was the grainy tv reception during wifeswap that had the closed captioning IN SPANISH! what the fuck. i need to learn this language NOWk, even though the fucking closed captioning is almost poorly done in both english and spanish that it wouldn’t have mattered. damn.

So after i finished my cardio, and quickly ran to stand infront of the treadmills where Wifeswap was being shown with ENGLISH captioning, i went to do my shoulder press in front of the screen that was playing recaps of the italy vs. ghana soccer game today. Okay, so the saddest thing–well not sad, because if corey had been there it would have been funny–i’ve ever seen was the on the poor ghanan children’s faces as italy beat the shit out of ghana. It reminded me of yesterdays observation of how some nations better do fucking really well during these games or risk stoning. Corey, if you’d seen the tears running down these kids faces as they’re decked out in their ghana soccer shirts and head bands that are black, green, and red you would have started laughing so hard. the goalie from ghana kinda deservest to recieve at least a pebbling for letting italy’s second goal get past him. this hot italian is kicking the ball hard and fast towards the goal….the unguarded goal, because the goal is now way in the field playing defense. he wasn’t even in the box that surrounds the goal. Fucking italian player just kicked it in free and clear. some ghanan dictator somewhere is not happy right now.

i love soccer for its open display of happiness after every single goal. the players are always running around the feild, their arms outstretched, like “fly radioflyer, fly!” no, don’t get it…guess i was the only one who saw that tom hanks narrated film called radio flyer about the boys being physically abused by their stepfather and one escapes by turning their radioflyer redwagon into a flying vehicle. Yeah, suspend that disbelief. it was a metaphor, i think. i think the kid just ran away. but in the movie it looks like it flies.

mols is calling me right now from ave 57 and figueroa because someone did not arrange for a ride home before she departed for alabama. she should have learned her lesson. i’m taking a bath.


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