Pins and needles


I will never undersatnd why at the end of a period of 45 minutes that constitutes the first half of a pro soccer game, why they just allow two extra minutes. I’m watching the telemundo broadcast of the univision broadcast of the brasil v. croatia game. i already know who wins because shals called me ten minutes to two o’clock to see if i was watching the game, i turned it ton unvision, and caught the last 30 seconds of the additional 2 minutes that had been tacked on the second half of the game. Brasil won. i’m watching it now to keep myself awake because i have nothing to do and am a bit tired despite my nap earlier.

So i finally got my email from the CCtC in regards to my credential. So i took myself and my credit card and paid my cctc $57 fee online. I should recieve my credential within the month. You know, its about time. raise here i come.

Okay, has anyone seen the fucking ATT commercial they play on both telemundo and univision, where the sun is encountering the different types of music that is played in his house- like the reggaetone or spanish language hiphop that the daughter is like popin and lockin to on her bed, his parents ranchera music…and then uses Yahoo music to create his own fusion of music. Or how about the SBC/ATT commercial where the dude combines Mexican cooking (guacomole) with American (hotwings!) to make a large plater that looks like a soccer field that is surrounded by chicken wings. Fucking these commercials are way better then the ones we see on English language channels. And apart of me can’t get enough of the “Arriba, arriba!” song that we think might be sung by ricky martin, but we’re not 1000 % sure of that. i love the spanish language tv…even if i can’t understand it.

I’ve only left my house once today…to mail my parent’s their father’s day gifts. the mom got a card as well, becuase really she makes our family what it is. i have not had the interest in leaving this apartment once. i just needed to make sure that package got out in time. i don’t know what is wrong with me. I called corey and he said it was perfectly okay for me to just stay inside. keeps me from spending money.

for a second there i have been missing living in seattle. I miss everyone being so close. i even kinda miss the cold weather, also known as a legitimate reason to stay inside. lordy. i’m going out tomorrow though with the ladies cuz its waxing wednesday. yeah! its my first time, so i’m excited. Oh, and i’ve decided to purge my life of boys who are bleh after telling mags about two ex-boyfriends who were extremely bleh….so i deleted bean’s number from my cell! and i also deleted the dialed call history so that there is no way for me to even think about calling him…cuz bleh. bring on the real boys. i’ll be waxed and hot tomorrow! gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllll!


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  1. the extra minutes are added because there are supposed to be no stops in the game clock.
    so when there is an injury, or a violation that takes time away from the game, they add time to compensate.

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