bigots are funny.


so i visited the 4620, and almost immedately alex introduced me to the funniest shit…the KLAN! because you can’t be scared of something so hilariously wrong. Me and rachel didn’t know which was worse: the message of hate or the horrible use of the English Language. Here are a few outtakes from the Klan website. i’m writing this @4620 because i refuse to have certain things apart of my search cache. Enjoy!

Aids as a racial disease: British AIDS research group had discovered that Caucasians have an immunity cell type unique to them. None of the other races have it. It is called the GC-2 Gene. The other races have what is called a GC-1 Fast Track Gene. White people as a whole are just not getting AIDS � no matter how many middle class Baptist grandmas they try to find to plaster on the news. Those people who do get it by way of innocent means such as blood transfusions have the politicians to blame for not isolating carriers and developing testing procedures on a mass basis. Better yet, we need geographical separation at least on a neighborhood and school basis and we need to teach our people the health dangers of social integration.

The Bible’s take on women and the 2nd Amendment:The type of peace and pacifism promoted by the “one world peace movement” is very anti-Christian. They want
Christians disarmed because they want to FORCE us to tolerate abortion, homosexuality, racial genocide, etc.

the rest are saved on Alex’s computer and I am currently on Alex’s other computer…so the funny postponed, but it will be back. Don’t you worry, because the hilarity that is this ignorance makes me laugh.


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