come out to pla-ay! maybe you’ve never heard that before. Maybe you’ve only heard the BadBoy rendition of it at the opening of the “Flava in your ear Remix” (you know, “bad boys….come out to play-ay”). I’m sitting here watching the ’70’s classic “The Warriors.” its loosely based on the greek story Anabasis. Set in the burrows of NYC, 100 gangs send 9 delegates each the Bronx for a war counsel to call a truce and take over the city. Well insanity-or hilarity- ensues when Cyrus, the war counsel leader- is shot by this crazy white dude…the same crazy white dude who plays crazy in like all movies. teh police show up. 900 young men are sent running, and the crazy white dude, from the crazy white gang, shouts “the warriors did it, the warriors did it” and again, insanity- or hilarity- ensues as the warriors must find their way back from the bronx all the way to cooney island. The movie is based around this premise and kinda presented like a comic book as it moves from Act to Act.

Okay…this is a USA network Up All Night Classic. I don’t even think it was ever released on VHS. I saw it in like 9th grade at three in the morning, and its a classic, for different reasons to different people. One being that most people love a good gangster movie (who didn’t love Westside story or grease?) my reason….these gangs are the most hilarious things ever. Like there was this one gang of black guys wearing purple hats and silk purple vests. There is a gang of dudes who have their faces painted in various colors but in the same pattern wearing baseball uniforms. The warriors ar wearing leather vests, without shirts underneath…and one brotha is wearing a fucking bone necklace and fucking feather in a headdress, but not a full headdress, a head necklace. Oh, and the liberal use of the word “faggot”…ahhh the 70’s…were not a kinder or gentiler time for some people. At least all of the gangs are way diverse. Even the Skinhead gang has blacks, asians, and latinos…they all just happen to be bald. God, I love this movie. It has the worst acting ever. EVER. Do you see what Westside Story inspired? The Sharks v. the Jets x 100. These gangs have names that do not fucking denote where they are from (unlike Grape Street)but like you couldn’t tell, with a group called the Warriors…but there is alos this group of fools called The Orphans, who by nature of their name seem like they need our sympathy—cuz they do. And there is this girl gang that actually is tougher then the Orphans– if only because as women we know how to manipulate the ridiculous pride of men…pride that will get them killed, or have them kill each other.

But the craziest thing is…by sides the use of a malotov cocktail like its a fucking concealed weapon…the leader of the Orphans looks like a younger version of Amanda’s fiancee Chris. Scroll down to the orphans section…there’s a picture, or but just try to picture chris at age 15, with chin length greasy hair.

At FHS we have a group of kids called the Psycles. they build bikes, dress like greasers, and really seem like genuinely nice guys. Dudes, they even have jackets. they were once featured on a local news program for their cool bikes. Think west coast choppers but involving swinns. the scary gangs are the well known ones like the Avenues, and whom ever because they’ll fuck some shit up. Once upon a time my stupid roommate liked to shoot her mouth off like she knew what she was talking about with what gangs ran where and whatever. Shut the fuck up. We clearly live in highland park right….we have an LA address, we live at the corner of Ave 60 and Monterrey. You tell that to any of our kids, any of the coaches, anyone from highland park, and they get all excited (“oh your a neighborhood girl”) because I’m a teacher who lives in the neighborhood. She tells folks that she lives in South Pasadena. We live close to it, but why you scared to just live in highland park? I’m just sayin.


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