I’ve decided that “Buttons” is going to be my internal code for when I think something is what I used to call “Hot”- something crazy, sexy, cool. Except, unlike the catchphrase “Hot,” I’ve decided to not verbalize how “buttons” something is…Because really somethings should go without saying…and really, things that are crazy, sexy, and cool are so without me having to verbalize it. I chose “buttons” because my friend from high school Amanda (who shall now be referred to as A.H.S) hosts the PCD song “Buttons” on her myspace page. That song and video are like emblazon on my mind. Those girls are…Wow. And Snoop Dogg is in the song. Can we all just pause for a minute and review the staying power of Snoop? Because while other rappers have come and gone, died, or become “actors,” Snoop has just done what he’s always done: found a way to make enough money to keep his family in check and his weed on hand. Lets not forget when he escaped Death Row by joining No Limit. Make ’em say Ughhhhhhhhnnnnnn, nahnah, nahnah. Oh song was the shit in like ’98.

So I’ve been getting “harassed” -or politely asked- by friends from home to post current pics of myself. I scrolled through the 1700+ pics on my hard drive of random events from the past three years, and my most recent pics of myself are from Spain, when the hair was totally different, and I was surrounded by young adults at any given moment. So I curled up my hair, put on some light makeup (i’d already cleaned up for the night before I decided to give this a try), taught myself how to use the self timer on my digital camera (yeah, get your cell phone to do that…) and turned my apartment into a photography studio. With a few corrections with the beautiful iPhoto program, and a little help from a Jpeg resizer program (I refuse to distort the sizing of my pictures just so that I can host them on line) I’ve chosen 12 to put on my myspace page in order to show my friends what I look like in various states of hair and dress. Those states are: Hair (hair down-curly, pony tail), Casual day time (casual black t-shirt, track jacket), professional dress-up (bright colored tops with black skirt and wedges) and, last but not least VEGAS! (silver tunic tube top over jeans, and I think the bright blue tunic over jeans as well). I want to put one of the pics on my blog, so the nice people at blogspot tell me that I should download it to a blog first then copy the URL code. So…lets give it a try, shall we. If it works you’ll know because my blog will host a picture, if it does not…well, then it didn’t work. Keep your fingers crossed.


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