Lisa, its your birthday. Happy Birthday Lisa.


Tonight was my stylist Lisa’s 35th birthday. Wow. she should be a party planner. Her home and her backyard-where the party took place- were beautiful. Her backyard is wide, but more narrow then wide so there was a dance hall affect to the decor. It was a very adult party. The jazz band was nice- real jazz, not smooth jazz that makes me want to poke my eye out- and there were so many people. People were either friends of Lisa’s or friends of the friends who knew lisa. Two neighborhood boys- maybe 13 years in age- were hired to make sure there was never a spot of trash or garbage on any table. They were so cute running around with garbage bags politely asking if people were finished. they should teach some waiters a thing or two. oh, and an open bar. The food was catered by a friend who is a recent graduate of culinary school (i guess she’s considered the chef) and the bar tender must have been someone she also knew through networking because she was alot nicer then the stock hotel or bar bartenders who work weddings and receptions. i went by myself, a little nervous because I knew I’d pretty much have to fly on my own without a safety net. I recognized a few of the ladies who worked in the salon while i was getting my hair done, but i don’t know anyone well enough to just strike up a conversation like old friends or anything. I ended up meeting these two nice women who were at the table i set my drink at. the best defensive is a good offense, so I just introduced myself to anyone I made eye contact with. i think people are genuinely shocked when you extend your hand to shake theirs…as if it is one of the niceities that have fallen by the wayside. the women were nice and we ended up talking for the better part of the evening about careers (one of the ladies wants to get into the industry of education through a program that is taking shape in which businessess minded folks are partnered with administrators and superintendents to tackle issues of management, restructuring and reorganizing etc.) I enjoyed myself and made two new friends. alot of the people lived in the altadena, pasadena, N.E LA area, so it was rather cool to meet people who knew about what was going on up in this area.


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