Shals, get ready!


I just bought my plane tickets for home. they weren’t too bad, cost what i should have expected. Cost the exact same as the price for tickets for october and december. my mom was concerned that it was too close to christmas and would cost too much, but no worries. i’ve still got my job, and I’ve already put away my $90/month that we’re trying to save for the world cup 2010. I’m flying out after my first day of class at LMU on the 31st of August, I’ll be back in town on September 5th. I’ll arrive there after midnight, rent my car at the airport, and be home when the baby wakes up in the morning. she’ll be so suprised! I can’t wait. I’ll spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning in Federal Way seeing family and a few friends, drive up to Seattle and be there through tuesday morning, see my mom before I fly out on tuesday evening, and be back in LA just in time for rush hour. I’ll probably go visit Corey instead of trying to make it all the way back to HighLand Park.

Its also official that cores and i are going to the BET awards party at the cabana club on the 27th. the first thing corey said was, “Oh, yes! we’re gonna be surrounded by black people.” and then we joked about not getting shot. Ya’ll know its true. You watched the Vibe awards two, three years ago. I wonder if they still even have the vibe awards? I remember watching the BET awards when Beyonce and them did the Care for You lapdance on Terrence Howard…and none of the celebrities showed to accept their awards. Sadness. but this should be fun. we’re having chicken and waffles later tonight. I’m so addicted. I’m headed to the gym in 30 minutes, come back to do some work about 2, go to church about 530 and dinner at 7. its a pretty full day.


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