Just checking in…


Fast and the Furious via LBC- quailty is at best a zoomed in shot of a movie screen, but the sound is pretty good at best. It was $5…I can only ask that someone doesn’t walk in front of the camera that is currently zoomed in on the screen, and that the quality maintains its clarity. I really can’t ask for much when it comes …oh this plot line is starting off real bad. Sample dialog:
Girl: why not let your cars do the talking?
Boy 2: what would I do with a busted peice of shit like that?
Girl: why not race for…me? Winner gets me.

what is wrong with american youth these days? OMIGOD, I can hear the laughter in the theater. And the main character’s mom looks like a darker haired version of Julianne Moore from that Samuel L. Jackson movie.

Amanda, no probs with the book. I’ll pack it away right now. To answer yoru question, “the mens” were okkay…men at best. Eitehr older or paired off. No takers either way. Not even a hello from any of the gentleman or from many of the ladies. you know how women are…catty, whispery. The only people who approached me to introduce themselves were part of Lisa’s family, and then I took it upon myself to introduce myself to anyone else that looked nice or that I made eye contact with. Corey says I respond to men in a manner we’ve now refered to as the Japanese Virgin…they say “hi.” I say “hi” smile, then look away and drop my chin…which looks like an abbreviated bow of the head. I don’t do this all of the time. Sometimes I switch it up, throw in a little look back while I’m walking away. I’m a complete guy dork. But I’m working on it, practicing. Fake it till you feel it, right? Speaking of faking it, Cores somehow got us deep into a conversation about ejaculating outside of an orafice…which somehow got us into a conversation about felching and the placement of crackhead gerbils up a male’s anus. I have never been this uninterested in having sex in my life. I feel the way I did in fourth grade when i formally found out the logistics of intercourse, and decided then and there that I wanted no part of it at all! I remember telling my 4th grade teacher that I wanted to become a nun because sex sounded gross and painful. She became really uncomfortable, and told me that maybe I should talk to my mom about that.

wow…lil bow wow has entered the scene and already tried to hook the boy up with a lap top half price…stereotype. and enter the scantily clad japanese girls…have you ever seen asian porn? much like sushi…there is nothing else quite like it. everything else is just fishsticks. And the ASIAN THUGS! Gotta go. Peace.


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