conversations with strangers


so i’m talking w/ this dude who wants to open a group home…did you know that to be an adminstrator of a group home, there is like a 40 hour class and a test, they prepare you for the “rules” of conducting the business of running a group home, background checks of employees, rates (service charged, staff/doctors experience), how to run the whole business…and then there is a state test, that you have three tries to pass within 3 months, that is 40 questions long, with 20 true-false questions, and 20 matching questions, to be certified to be an administrator ofthe group home for children/adults. (think vice principal)…so apparently any one can take care of wayward youth. this is ridiculous. this dude is ridiculous. he bought a house, had employees…thought he could just start a group home from fucking nothing. home dude has never even worked inn a group home. so he invested in a dude who took all of his money. he should have been thought about getting an education in this field…and experience then got in with a well established group home and ran that. he’s an idiot. a complete idiot. it sounds like what he wants to do is run a foster care home. so this is why my kids are so fucked up. there are idiots running government facilities…just like there are idiots who are allowed to be parents. i am going to pray for these people. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation he says, “I’ve just never been able to find someone who will stand by me through my dream” probably because watching a man pour money and time down a well is incredibly painful (he bought a house and filled it with furniture before he even had approval from the IRS on his not for profit federal status-idiot). I have rerouted the conversation to where i am now being a bitch- asking the hard questions, like how do you expect this work if you don’t really plan on working in a group home (answer: my employees will be the experienced ones); will volunteering be enough experience to see how the business runs (answer: no- from volunteering will never give you the experience of a person who actually works there), shouldn’t you just work full time in a group home to get the experience (logical answer: yes, if you really want it you will take the pay cut); will it really be a pay cut if your working there as an administrator (logical answer:no)etc. basically, my line of questioning implied, I think you’re going about this the wrong way…idiot, without me saying it. Then I ended the conversation with, “wow, so I’ve got a lot of work to do, but this has been alot of information. Thank you. Goodbye.” Click. People I will not allow to touch me: idiots. And how do I know he may just really be a clinical idiot. When I mentioned I took students to spain, he referenced back to the fact that I was a special ed teacher, and said this: “You took special ed kids to spain. Wow, how can I be down?” Hmmmmmmm….yeah. IDIOT. I’m not saying your an idiot, but all evidence points to the contrary.


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