have you ever….


noticed the violins that play behind the beat in Juvenile’s ‘Back that Azz up”? its the only thing i hear now whenever I work out. My hearing goes straight for the string instruments. they could have been created by a synthesizer (you remember the pianos where if you pressed a button you could make the notes sound like a clarinet everytime you pressed a key), but its still crazy. and rather cultural.

noticed how the gym is always bustling, not matter what time of day it is? I have been there during every hour that it is open throughout the past year, culminating with tonight when i was there from 10 to about 1130, and it was still just bustling. peeps are crazy. like me.

been forced to slice your meat before you cook it because if you don’t you may just under cook it? yes, well that is just how far my cooking skills have dropped. That, and i think i’m in love with baked potatoes that come already wrapped in plastic.

notices how incredibly excessive the mentioning of other dudes penises is in the Dre Day? I just thought I’d bring that point up again because I just bought the explicit copy from Itunes, and really can’t get over how focused they are on where other dudes place their cocks. yet…i’ve never once questioned the sexuality of snoop or dre. I mean, there are some folks where punishing luke and easy-e by making them give them head.

i’m just sayin. now i’m just showering.


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