I took AP stats fall semester of my senior year. it was a horrible time for me personally, so I didn’t fair so well in the statistics class. I didn’t really care about probability, mean, validity, etc. I was just trying to make it through each day. What I do know about statistics is this:
a)you can’t really believe that 1000 north american people participating in a study makes an accurate sample size for something that affects a much larger…millions upon millions of people.

b) culture must be taken into account because it is a relevant factor in the upbringing of actual human beings.

c) when are we going to stop taking the product of our western society and just applying it to the entire world. and if we’re not doing so, then why must we ignore the outlying factors that exist in the rest of the world.

Oh..I’m talking about this article I read in the Seattle Times that hypothesizes that homosexuality in males may be linked to having had older brothers. Some times we need to just let people be, trying to search for reasons “why” as if homosexuality is some disease that needs to be stopped before it infects any further. i pray that we don’t live in a society that would again turn to sterilization to root out the “problem” seen in homosexuality. mother’s sterilized before they are able to have their third or fourth son. They have done it before to blacks, mexicans, and the mentally retarted before…who knows what else is possible.


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