Dance Theater of Harlem


I cannot help but wonder, how do dancers do it? HOw do they manage to contain such a passion and a fire for movement, in their everyday lives? their bodies are controlled by the rhythm and choreography that commands so much perfection to be the articulation of someone else’s vision. Dancers are the supreme artist to me. Its like the beginning of Fame, or Fama as they called the Spanish stage production of the musical- every discipline thinks they are the hardest, most worthy discipline. I’ve always sided with the dancers, whose bodies must create this momentum that pushes them through a performance. Its a full body, kinesthetic, soul wrenching, bruised body and feet taping kind of insanity. And I love it. I feel like I crave that kind of movement and momentum throughout most of my weeks, my days, my hours. Its probably why I spend so much time at the gym. Where else can i build that kind of momentum? where else can i seperate from the reality and turn myself over to rhythms and beats. I still want the same things I’ve always wanted my entire life: to dance, to be apart of something, to be considered, and fulfilled.


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