…the fuck? part 2


wow. my new nails make my fingers look wierd. whateves. so this morning…if you can call it that…has been a pretty slow news morning. for example, i’ve been watching the progression of the whole Dallas Austin arrest in Dubai for trying to bring drugs to Naomi Campbell’s birthday party. Lets talk about how i never want to be arrested anywhere out of the US, let alone in the UAE, apart of the world associated with the folklore of cutting off a man’s hand when he’s caught stealing. Well, this is what it has developed into. 4 years. this is my favorite part: He told the court on Sunday that he had made an unintentional mistake and did not mean to break the law in the United Arab Emirates. its a shame no one reminded him that his actions are also against the law in the US…and therefore he should have known better. He also violated law #1 in all countries: don’t get caught. Dumbass. I wonder if they’ll really get him released? i’m sure some sort of favors will be worked out, but i’m also sure that he’ll be doing some time.

speaking of folks doing time for the dumbest shit in the world…Lil Kim was released from jail yesterday. She should be put in jail for what ever she allowed the plastic surgeon to do to her face. Lil kim and michael jackson are the reason that the whole world thinks black folks use lightening cream to become fairer in tone. not at all…some crazy folks might, but until you have ever had scars that are fucking dark ass brown or black left on your face, you really can’t talk about the use of lightening cream. Is it so bad to want your elbows, knees, and facial scars to fade to become the same color as your naturally beautiful brown skin? is it enough for someone to just take away all of Lil Kim’s luxuries so that she can return to her normal self–if she ever was normal. she and naomi campbell are good examples of girls who got turned out at too young an age and now are just batshit crazy. Mary J started as one of those girls, but now she’s grown up straight into classy. What i wouldn’t give to watch that BET special about Lil Kim’s final days of freedom. I wonder if they took out her weave before she went in? hmmmmmmm.


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