Vegas Part Duex (Amended 7/10/2006)


You know when you are filled with an emotion that is so overwhelming and moving that words can’t possibly do it any justice in describing it, so there really is no way to make other people understand just how you feel? Well, that’s how I feel about having been in Vegas this past weekend….AGAIN. Two weekends in Vegas, and it just kept getting better and better. There is the imfamous catch phrase of what happens in vegas stays in vegas….but this feeling has just kinda spilled over into the drive home, and into this evening. The only words that can even come close to trying to describe this weekend are INCREDIBLE and AMAZING. Here is a list of reasons why:

1. The Tropicana Hotel. Its pool seemingly transports you from the desert to shaded and very refreshing lagoon- sans humidity. The hotel was what it was for what we needed it be: a place to sleep. After a bit of hassle and drama over room keys that didn’t work and a room that wouldn’t unlock, our bellman got us an upgrade from a garden room to a paradise tower room, which comes complete with a view of Excalibur, the Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. It is also located next door to the hooters that serves $5.95 prime rib…yum.

2. The whole reason I even went to vegas was because all the fun we had last week. In an exchange of conversations between parties in Down South and parties in Vegas, said parties in vegas assumed that I would also be in attendance to DS parties visit to LV. While I hesitated at first, when I was made aware that my presence was kinda expected, I thought to myself “why the hell not?” Made my subplan (for my 3rd day of school), called in, and got in my car and hit the road. I hesistate to describe what happened in this format. Its best left as an oral story to be passed down from generation to generation through friends and family. I’m sure Stars and Stripes have helped me out by explaining the events to the folks Down South and i will do so for anyone who calls and asks. But I will leave you with this: I have never been so taken care of or made to feel so special in my entire life. He was seriously– he is– the nicest person I have ever met. And as I explained it to shalimar, its not that he’s nice in a “I don’t actively hurt people” kind of way…he’s nice in a “I genuinely want to make this trip as special for you as you will let me; let me take care of you” kind of way. He told me that I should have called him thursday night to let him know that I was coming into town, because if I had he would have made sure to go to bed early so that when I got to town we could have hung out. He did a lot of little things that he didn’t have to do, like wait with me, when I didn’t realize that Nina was in the room, because he didn’t want me to be by myself. At this point he’d been up for like 24 hours. I honestly think he is a genuinely nice, honest, and sincerely caring person in dimensions that those words cannot fully articulate. Here is why: it was LAS VEGAS. VEGAS….as in what happens there, stays there. He has a pretty prominent position in his work where he could easily go home with anyone he wanted to at anytime. Its vegas, where the entire population of the people on The Strip understand that follow up phone calls the day after are not required. After last week he didn’t have to ever speak to me again, and I was kinda working on that assumption. If it were just for sex, there were at least 200 other women in town who would have fulfilled that needed for a lot less time and well,to be perfectly honest, money. Its the little things…like walking me to the elevator and waiting with me when other guys would have just dropped me off at the door of the hotel. Its the little things like coming to find me at the end of the night, long after we’d seperated, after his long shift at work, so that he could see me before I left town. And the text messages he sent me throughout my drive home. Behavior like that deserves to be rewarded. he’s set a bar that other men will have to meet from now on because the level of consideration that he’s working on is exactly what I deserve.

3. Being VIP the entire weekend. At the Rum Jungle, at Forty Deuce, at the HOB foundation room. What is the Foundation room you ask? Its a member’s only lounge at the top of the Mandalay Bay. We were stopped by these dudes who looked like Morris Day and the Time from The Color Purple, who turned out to be pretty cool. They were promoters and got us in–actually asked us to join them– the festivities atop our favorite hotel. I wish I knew how to get those photos off my phone because the stirp is fucking beautiful at night. I’ve seen it from the VooDoo Lounge, which is at the top of the RIO which is a bit off strip, but this was fucking BAM on the strip.

4. The Bellagio fountains are by far the best choreographed live performance i’ve seen in a long time. They danced to Sarah Brightman’s renditions of “Time to Say Goodbye.” Fucking stunning. I can’t believe I forgot to add that info.

As I said, the drive home was perfect. I made excellent time and it was clear most of the way. I made it home in time for church, but i was so exhausted that I had to leave after the liturgy. I talked to him before I went in though, just to let him know that I made it home okay. He told me about taking his neices to see Dead Man’s Chest. he is just soo cool. I’ve got to plan now…and wash my hair. I’ll be up for a bit tonight. And it is well worth it!


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