I have to express my appreciation for those of you who allowed me to indulge in my “lovesickness” over this weekend. Feed me a beautiful lie, and I will feast on it until it is gone. I woke up this morning with the clarity to realize, I LIVE IN LOS ANGELES. And that’s not really gonna change anytime soon. I’d move to San Diego as an alternative to LA, cuz I love SoCal. However, I am tired of LA as well. I think maybe I’m just tired of me…and my incesant being of me. Whateves. Maggie said the funniest thing tonight. It confirmed the notion that all men “wish they all could be California girls” because we’re damn cute. I can’t even finish that sentence the way i want because i’m not trying to insult anyone, but she saw these pictures this weekend, and I distinctly remember the women in a certain WildRose, and well, they do wish they all could be CA girls. we’ve been here long enough to have developed whatever it is that makes us the CA girls we are- which may just be flipflops and a laid back nature. Rock on.

I told the religious boy today, on the phone, during an incredibly one sided (me-asking questions) conversation, “I’m gonna let you go.” Him: “why” Me: because I cannot continue to hold up this conversation. him: wow me: I mean, just think about what would happen if we were to meet, and you had nothing to say….” him: wow. me: you gotta talk. See ya later. I’m a bitch when I have a cold.

And I’m done with boys who can’t carry on a conversation or write an email or two in order to get to know each other. I mean really, we’re all well aware that you want to have sex with me…can’t you just pretend that you want to get to know me. Boys who want to just get to the meeting make it too obvious. At least let me pretend that you want to get to know me as a person, ask me some fucking questions, take me out to breakfast, and tell me I’m amazing, and I’ll let you fuck me until I get a brain anuerism. There are now three people in the south western united states who can vouch for that. I’m not trying to get married, I’m trying to pretend that there are men out there who actually fucking care enough about me to get to know me, as well as follow through on the normal human urges people have. This is why I took so quickly to the events of this past weekend, and really enjoyed myself. R followed through and it may have been just pretend, but it was what it was, and it was vegas- it was awesome. I’ve met so many boys up here who flirt, and want to get to know me, but don’t have the balls to follow through. Take me out, be nice to me, make me laugh- i’ll be seduced, and turned on, and I’ll know better to think that you want something that you don’t. I’m easy like that. I’ll take care of myself while I pretend like you want to take care of me. I’m real easy like that.


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