She is just this fucking close to calling us mudpeople. You know who I’m fucking talking about. I’m almost fucking certain that she has uttered the words, “I’m not racist. Some of my best friends are black.” WHORE.

speaking of racism, my poor black student just had a baby with her salvadorean boyfriend, whose mother calls her “Nigger” in Spanish. She was telling the story to one of my favorite students about how mean this women is, and the girl asked my student with the issue, “does she call you this….” and apparently its the spanish word for nigger…and the woman does. And the woman also calls this student “Chivela” or something like that, that is a salvadorean derivative of “cheap.” all the girls have advised her to fucking dump her boyfriend and get him for child support becuase his mother sucks. Its not like he’s about to be somebody…he dropped out of high school is at home all day. Like he’s got something better to do then raise that baby. That poor baby. What a whore of a woman.


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