I gotta start switching it up…i’ve come to the same starbucks in my old neighborhood that the baristas know that I’ll order a venti passion tea lemonade and are shocked when I order an Americano…I said grande, gave me a venti anyway. now if I am ever chased by the feds, there will be folks who could give me up…crap.

In the latest news, running end to beginning:
* saw the therapist. decided it would be best if I set a curfew for work; 7 pm seems to be a reasonable time. Decided to not be so hard on myself because I haven’t “cured” my student’s learning disabilities—and its the second week of school.
* first Literacy Cadre meeting of the school year. Its awesome to be apart of a team. Was approached by AP to join leadership team that will include trips around the country to conferences! HOLLA! (which means I gotta save)
* was asked out on a date for Sunday Brunch. Had to say no because this Sunday I will be lifting heavy boxes in Berkeley. Now that’s what I call love.

I should get started on my grading. Only an hour and a half left to get that done before curfew!


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