the road to berkeley


Amanda and I are sitting in Maggie’s living room in our pajamas at 8:55am. It is the start to our Sisterhood of the Traveling Teacher’s road trip. I figure that I can make a story of this event purely through pictures (which I will try to remember to snapfish) and post on our blog.

Amanda is currently telling me about how i can change my finances through adjusting my 403b. We’re struggling with whether or not to:
a) have a high interest savings account with enough money to take care of 2 months worth of expenses (rent+bills+gas)
b)forgoe savings to pay down our debt (credit cards, but not including student loans, because really then, I’m just going broke)
c) increasing our dependents on our 403b ino rder to make sure the government never has a surplus of our money at anytime, but risk the chance of having to pay taxes.

Here’s my game plan:
a) get a christmas savings accoutn where I can’t take the money out until a certain predetermined time. I need to start saving so that I can ALWAYS have at least my deductible ($1000), and rent.
b) shred my credit card
c) stop buying FUCKING CLOTHES!

I gotta call my insurance company to figure out why my insurance went up by like $150. I’m just telling you guys this so that I have a written record of what I need to do.


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