changing my life…


one slip cover at a time. I totally needed a change, and it hit me: don’t buy new furniture or textiles…get rid of your desk. It just became a catch all for all things unimportant anyway. So I did. I took it apart. Put it in a stowaway place in the living room and changed my room. Like it?

i don’t actually use my desk. I am not productive in my room. Having a “work space” took away from the relaxing aspect of my room. If I want to sit and eat at a table, i will have to do so in my living room, or at tsarbucks.

don’t think I forgot about posting my photo diary of our adventures in berkeley. I’m all fucking over it. i just need some time. I also need a fucking massage. Amanda, what time do you ladies want to go? 11, noonish?


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