galaxy dollars


its fucking 115 degree at the top of the citibank billboard according to their clock. fuckign 115 degrees. I have noticed on more then one occasion that that particular billboard exaggerates a bit, but it feels rather fucking accurate. It was okay to sit outside and just be warm for a bit, but then I realized I was actually evaporating and so i moved inside. i’m grading…which is code for browsing the internet. i’m at the tsarbucks in eagle rock.

the nicest thing someone’s said to me this week (shut up, I know its only monday):

So I guess my philosophy on beauty comes down to this: it is all about how people carry themselves. If one has a good sense of self-esteem, then they are beautiful, so matter what they look like.

Okay, I think I’ve said enough for today. . . I have a stack of papers waiting for me to grade. I hope the above doesn’t freak you out. Sentiments such as those above don’t seem to travel well in cyberspace. Maybe this just means we might want to meet for brunch next weekend?”

Um….hell to the muthafuckin yeah we can go to brunch…if you just ask! I wrote back and said that we should definitely make plans for brunch on sunday…i’m just waiting for him to make the next move. bring it….we live in LA, you gotta bring it…or go home.

Why do people have heated discussions at starbucks? I know the music is loud enough for it to be a fairly private conversation, but I find it to be kind of inappropriate.

Why do people just let their fucking kids run wild in starbucks? Stop throwing your fucking pennies you midgets you!

Why do people choose starbucks as an appropriate place to go over their DOMESTIC DISPUTE or DIVORCE legal documents? It makes my afternoon a hell of a lot more interesting, but really, wouldn’t somewhere private be a little better?

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