Woody Allen


Am I the only person who believes that woody allen continues to make movies so that he can bed young actresses? I mean, we all know he likes them young- he married his adopted daughter- and stupid as well apparently. he must have something about him that makes women like Scarlett Johansson cream their pants about him in interviews. I figure its somewhere between riding his stardom into the galaxy that is cinematic history (re: Mira Sorvino won an oscar for Mighty Aphrodite…and no one had really heard of her before that, despite the fact that she’s paul sorvino’s daughter) and riding his cock. It must be huge. Because look at him…he’s kinda creepy, in that overly neurotic, osteoporasis having, I’m just this close to death, kinda way. I wonder this because Scarlett Johnasson is staring in her second Woody Allen feature, Scoop, a movie which seems to have a premise that is as implausible as Legally Blond. The problem with my thoughts about woody allen is that I think he is supposed to be funny. I really enjoyed Everyone Says I love you. And then there was that movie with Christina Ricci (another hot, young actress) and that dude from American Pie–you know the one, the pie fucker– Anything Else. The Pie fucker was just pathetic in that movie, but it was enjoyable. Matchpoint as completely different from what I expected, and really I’m still so shocked by its premise that I haven’t yet developed an actual opinion about the movie. And well, according to critics, his movies are hit or miss…but he still keeps making them. Because as long as there are young actresses that want to be legendary- and are willing to bed him to do so- then there will always be woody allen. Its just a good thing that these are actually actress that can act. If I ever see that little bitch from Thirteen and that movie about Firsts…I will certainly have the proof that he does this for the sex.


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