Berkeley is much better then broccoli


A story in photographs…will be posted as soon as blogger gets its shit together.

Girls gone crazy…from heat and sweat.

The long road to Berkeley…sometimes leads to a rainstorm in the middle of a heat wave.

Sometimes that road had cars or land that have randomly just caught on fire.

“don’t worry guys….the gas light is only a suggestion. We have like 56 miles to go before we really need to worry……”

You think drinking and driving is dangerous….try eating a hot fudge sundae while merging on to the freeway. now that’s dangerous!

Like sands through an hourglass, these are the intersections of our lives…

Jeremy’s Fridge…..discuss.

So apparenlty Jack London meant so much to both the united states and canada, that they agreed to split the original cabin in which he wrote that one book he’s really famous for, and divided the logs evenly so that they could be used in the recreations of Jack London’s cabin that are located in Oaklanf and Canada…

So, this is obviously not where Maggie’s storage locker is located…but its awfully fucking close.

homeland security wasn’t keeping us from getting this close. There was no one around at all to keep us from climbing aboard that ship and sailing to catalina island.

aint this the muthafuckin truth!

At this point i realized that women are seriously capable of doing any and everything…even conquering IKEA!

Look Ma! The 5 is on fire!

At this point, our lives started to resemble that REM video, Everybody hurts.

Hey! you can’t do that!

No, seriously. You can’t do that!

Oh, shit!

Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em.

Peace, beotches! 152 to the 99 to the 5 to Los Angeles here we come!


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