John Tucker must die…


Who in the hell keeps letting Ashanti make movies!?

Today is definitely a working Saturday. I helped Maggie pack up her stuff and send her off to the great land up north that we call Berkeley (which I keep pronouncing like its Broccoli). I took an energy drink yesterday afternoon that had an awful affect on me (ie. couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep…basically, all I was good for was packing and shopping…so I was plenty helpful), so this afternoon I took it easy on the caffiene and only had a venti black tea lemonade at Tsarbucks this afternoon while I graded student work. I came home around 3 and passed out. Now Mols is out with her gay boyfriend, and I really hope that they start spending more time at his new place because…well, i don’t need to tell you what they’re like; you’ve read the blog. I was supposed to have a date tonight…but homeboy didn’t get his shit together enough to actually make plans, like definite plans. We talked on Thursday, after I’d sent him an email with a date suggestion on Wednesday. He didn’t actually mention making plans until I dropped the hint that I was ready to get off the phone (“….so I gotta go and get ready for class”). He wanted to go to the Getty Villa on Sunday, but I already have a date on Sunday, and so when I told him that I already had plans, he had no backup plan and diverted plan making to me. OH, that is not a way to impress me or win my heart. You are the boy. Be a man. I’m type A in every other part of my life, be a man, and make the first decision. I jokingly told him that he has until 5pm on Saturday (I set the time and place- 6pm in Burbank) to work out the details. He really still hadn’t called by Saturday morning. Mags was right when she said that his actions have already made a statement about just how invested he is in this date: not at all. He didn’t even make plans! I mean, really, get with it. I’m old fashioned that way I guess. The guy that I’m going on a date with on sunday totally took control after I pushed the envelope with him as well. He mentioned going to brunch on two different occasions, and when he mentioned it the second time, I said that we should definitely do it. AFter that we exchanged like two emails and he didn’t mention it once. so I called shals, got some advice, and sent him an email that dropped the hint that I was making my plans for the weekend and he get his shit together and let me know if he wants to hang out. He emailed me back with the time, date, and place, having already made reseravations. That’s how I like it. I may not like crepes…but I will definitely eat them and I will definitely meet up with him.

Now I just need to get shit ready for monday…and tuesday. I was really sucessful with getting my shit together two weeks ago in long beach and its worked out really well for me, so I’m going to focus, put on a few movies, and enjoy having my house to myself for a few hours at least.


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