First Encounters of the academic kind


So, I had a pretty nice first date. It started with a bit of a panic when I couldn’t find the fucking restaurant (I hated the place before I even went in the door, but I warmed up to it.) We had alot of really good conversation, and ended up spending about 6 hours together. 2.5 of which were viewing the Longest movie ever…aka Pirates of the Caribbean. He seems cool, we have alot of the same thoughts about things, and he’s a listener. Meaning, when he asked me to explain how I met all my great LA friends, he also had to hear about Teach for America and the issues with its actual mission imlementation (he agreed with our point of view as opposed to the TFA coorperate point of view). He pegged me as a Buffy the Vampire girl, which is true…and later in the conversation he mentioned Romulins…or how ever you spell it. I guess people can’t be perfect. He had small red tote bag that he carried his wallet in… not like a purse tote, but a canvas tote that a college would give away for free. Very odd. I ended up telling him a lot of stories that had wierd people from michigan in them. Yum. He put his arm around me in the movie theater when I started to get cold, but not before that when I put my head on his shoulder. I gave him a hug goodbye and said that he should call me so that we can hang out again. I asked amanda how can you tell if a guy likes you, I guess we’ll just have to wait to see if he calls.

Speaking of phonecalls, twice tonight I got a slightly obscene phonecall from this guy who was like, “It me, rob. We met yesterday at the grocery store.” to which i said, “ha! I don’t even eat!” and hung up the phone. Then he called back and left an “urgent” message, saying that we met at Starbucks, and something about eating an icecream sundae (and people who know me know that I hate sundaes because all that shit just gets in the way of the icecream) and how he’d like to eat ice cream off me. Here’s his number, the area code is for San Diego: 619-990-2169. Go ahead and give him a good prank call for me! thanks.

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