ASVAB My ass!


I’ve been at work for maybe, officially, 14 minutes. About 7 minutes into that 14 minutes, I get this knock on my door, and its this woman dressed in the formal Navy Blues (the skirt, shirt, hat combo) and this guy with a clip board are standing there. Here is a little transcript of what took place.

ASVAB REPS: Hi, we’re here for the ASVAB Presentation.
Me: Oh….no, thank you.
ASVAB: Well, we’ve been assigned to this room.
Me: No, I did not sign up for that.
ASVAB Female: You’re Rodgers, right?
Me: Yes. And I did not sign up for that. Thank you. (door closes)

What the fuck?! I totally didn’t sign the paper work that needed to be submitted in order to request a presentation. You know why? Because until I see at least 10 university representatives present university options to my students, I will not be signing up for any ASVAB presentations. Its about options, folks. Give my students some options. I went to a white/Asian high school- never once did I see any ASVAB presentations. There were always military recruiters posted up in the spring time in our cafeteria- we weren’t high class kids at all, I mean we certainly didn’t have university reps either, but we had constant posters and advertisements for college scholarships though. Not everyone is made for college, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give kids options.


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