Have any of you seen the new Britney video that was posted on I only saw it because I was spoiling a movie (descent—even horrible in recap form) and clicked on a link that had a link to this video taped by Kevin Federline and somehow posted on youtube. its from back in the day…before both pregnancies. As I’m watching it, and britney is burping, saying “huh?!,” lamenting about not getting to live and not seeing the movie spawn (what! that shit came out like in 95), and the possibility of real ‘back to the future” space time travel, I had an epiphany. You know who the smart one is in that relationship? Not Britney. In some way, Kevin Federline is a fucking genius. The problem is people are confusing talent with intelligence…when at best its about marketability. Kevin was no where to be fucking seen with that car accident of an interview that took place, he basically puts out minimal effort in actually earning any quid, because he really doesn’t have to. I think his act of wanting to be a hip hop artist may be legit, but really is a coy ruse to display some effort for the allowance that she slips him. If he were smart he’d do the majority of the raising of that baby, then divorce her, ask for full custody, and get child/spousal support. Cuz that’s what marriage in california is all about!

Has anyone noticed that it has been quite a few months since my last emotional breakdown?! Go ahead, browse through the blog. i’d like to take a moment to thank the good folks in the mental health profession and at wellbutrin. thanks!

So the problem with movies going straight to dvd is that i can’t spoil them to find out how they end. For example, i will have to find someone whose rented bring it on 3 to know how it ends. but i guess thats better then me watching it myself, right?! there was absolutely no reason to make a sequel to bring it on. goodness gracious.


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