Tall Iced Americano, sweetened with room


So, sometimes, like today, i come to starbucks and order what ends up being coffee flavored cream. the americano is my caffineted drink of choice– i mean, really, go big or go home doesn’t mean order a drink with a ton of calories, sweeteners, and cream. It means ordering the drink with the highest amount of caffiene within the smallest volume of liquid. An americano is simply a shot of espresso topped with water. If I were really “bringin’ it” as we’re supposed to do in LA, I would have just ordered the shot of espresso. However, this is not Seattle or Italy, so there is no need to “Bring it” to that extent. When you order an iced drink, there is always the chance that the ice will melt a little, which is what happened while it waited for me on the counter while I used the bathroom. I went to add cream to it, and didn’t realize that the water had caused the coffee to lighten in color, and therefore, became even lighter when cream was added- i also think they added to much water. So, I look like i’m drinking a tall iced cream. At least it maintained its enlightening caffenieted ways, because we all know that no one has yet to recover from this weekends shenanigans. I’m still fucking tired. Everything has been pushed back to midnight…and tomorrow night, we’re going out again at 10 for some underground hip hop. All of my friends are going to be there! Yeah! And to make it even better, Friday is a minimum day (I have parent teacher conferences until 7 on thursday) so I will fucking dance until the bar closes, sleep in my clothes, wake up earlier then usual to get a coffee and a spot on the street, and go to work. I figure if I can get three hours a sleep then drive four hours across the desert in a truck, then I can work for four hours without dying. If only there was a pool. Now I have to go back to catching up on all the work I need to do. I’m really glad that I’ve gotten to a plateauing point in my semester where I am no longer stressed out about the progress that is being made and feeling behind. things are falling into place, a little bit at a time.


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