Benadryl, Red Dye 45, and strawberry soda


apparently I am allergic to strawberry soda- my one true love. After a dinner on tuesday of half a bean and cheese burrito, and two large glasses of strawberry soda, i returned home and noticed that a small rash had appeared all over my face…and stomach…and arms…and legs. what the fuck, I thought, then realized that i was too tired to actually do more then apply some high prescription strength cortizone cream, and promptly pass out on m y bed. rash stayed through thursday when, despite exhaustion to the point of fearing for my life as I drove, I danced the night away and believed that I did not have a food allergy but an unexplained heat rash (I have no idea why i had this thought being that being warm is the only thing i ever want to be…put me in the desert, please!). So i slept without my comforter…and awoke on an unfortunately chilly friday morning with a slight cold! It was a half day today, so after work we headed back to the same mexican restaurant, and I, convinced that I had a heat rash, not a food allergy, ordered a veggie burrito sans lettuce and a strawberry soda. Later in the evening, I awoke to find that the rash had returned and that i may infact be allergic to something i ate. On wednesday i was a bit scared that I may have been allergic to beans, but when i showed my rash to my roommate- the queen of rashes, ew- and told her about what I ate, she surmised that i was allergic to strawberries. I responded, there are no actual strawberries in strawberry soda, and we decided it may be the dye. to make a long story short, after a night of laundry, folding panties, searching for a missing stapler, and trying to make my newly aquired feather bed stay on my bed, I am slowly slipping into a benadryl induced coma. crazy huh.

i am also reading this article in the LA TIMES that is chronicling the love life of a 14 year old girl at John Muir middle school in burbank. We are really having a slow news week in LA if this is what they are publishing. the fucking article is 10 pages long!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! i’m so closing that window and never returning to that stupid story! I guess the reality of terror in life is just not interesting enough…wow. This coming from the girl who reads celebrity news…the only news fit to print.

I opened up my mailbox this week, and sometime this year I must have subscribed to Elle magazine, because there was a copy just waiting for me. i went online and checked it out and i have full year subscription. here’s the problem…i never subscribed to elle because i don’t read elle. not that i wont, because i will now, but I so infrequently by fashion magazines that i wouldn’t subscribe to this one. i don’t ever even buy elle…when i buy a fashion magazine its usually Vogue, and the occasional glamour— which i should’nt do because its just a mature version of YM, which i didn’t read as a child either. so this month for some reason I am surrounded by magazines i don’t usually read: vogue, glamour, elle– see, who says i don’t try new things. where the fuck is my september edition of vanity fair?


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