benadryl, buffy, bally total fitness, and vanilla bean


I woke up this morning thinking that it was noon when it was really fucking 8:32 am!!!!!!! I swore when I heard the roommate and her boyfriend russeling around this morning I thought then it was like 10 am–i was wrapped up in my alarm clock like clutching it. Oh i was pissed to realize it was only about 8:30, but still woke up anyway. had some oatmeal, and then still preceded to deal with my benadryl coma. fucking 12 hours after I took it I was still feeling like shit. and i’m still fucking covered in little spots. I went to the gym anyway to get my blood pumping and to fight off the calories gained this month. I gotta get my shit together to make my food schedule so that I have some clue abut whats going on with my body. I just gotta get myself together. my head hurts. my roommate is out of town for a week! I’m gonna spend time at home to just enjoy being about to be in my apartment without being annoyed. its nice to sleep on my couch with out anyone bugging me. i think with this new pay check i’m going to try to save a signficant amount. it will be tad bit easier in that I have pretty much everything I need for school, the trip to seattle will only require funds for a rental car and a day at the fair, and I don’t forsee any trips to vegas…but I am always up for it. I want to save up to 300 bucks from this month’s paycheck, and be really conservative with my money just in case. I don’t know what just in case means, but I feel like it will be helpful. I realized yesterday that when mols moves out of this apartment, this place is going to be totally empty. I’m excited for that! I can start to decorate with stuff I actually like. Shals has cool stuff. I’ll save to have some of her stuff shipped down. or it may be cheaper to head to ikea…goodness. I wonder what’s gonna happen with the fridge. It would cost like $600 to have all her stuff moved out (with movers), that includes the fridge…hmmmmmmmmm….

oh, the worst movie in the world is on right now (coyote ugly). I love dance movies, but piper what ever her last name is doesn’t make for good acting or watching. i’m headed to take a shower…and to forget that i’m broke, rash covered, and sick on a saturday night.


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