Working Sunday


So, It happened again. Went to bed around 1:30, woke up at 830. WTF. sinuses are acting up, and have given me a migraine headache. thank goodness for prescription meds and excederine…its subsided enough for me to have a pretty productive sunday. Made breakfast using the amazing eggs over easy recipe that amanda and mags gave me (no flipping necessary! Fucking genius), changed white tank tops, popped in the first dvd in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, wrote three rubrics, and will be preparing to read Esperanza Rising for tomorrows class. I’ve got to find a way to tie in fictional reading, non fiction reading, and expository writing. I think we’ll do with Esperanza rising on Tuesday and Thursday, Non fiction reading on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…drafting monday through thursday, final drafting on fridays. now this blog entry has become a working entry. yummy.


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  1. You could use newspaper and magazine articles about migrant workers for nonfiction and also tie it in with Esperanza Rising ( I love that book!)

    Also..changed white tank tops..haha!

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