Venti Passion Tea Lemonade, 2 pumps classic


I’m betting that if i were to write a kick ass movie/story/musical about my life in my 20’s it would a)anything that I did before I discovered vegas would be very boring, in a lifetime movie special kind of way and b) fully funded by starbucks. I bet CBS would pick it up and put it into its Monday night movie rotation. Omigoodness, remember those! I totally miss those fucking cheesy ass-only airs now on Lifetime or Oxygen-monday night movies! “Mother may I sleep with danger”- aw Tori, you weren’t supposed to make it a reality. Starbucks would do for my movie what Hallmark does for every single cheesy christmas classic- money, money, money. I love marketing. Marketing: getting people to buy shit they don’t need since the dawn of time. More acurately I suppose that would be persuasion, but who really cares.

Anyways, so i were to cast a movie of my life, and I will, who would play you? You knwo who you are. You better choose before I choose, becuase, honestly, no one wants to end up being played by Jennifer Lopez.

I’m sure I was going to write more then that, but I have this odd surge of energy. It wasn’t from lunch—my lunch meat was spoiled and ruined everything. (i remember being a kid and eating sandwiches that had sour lunchmeat on them, not realizing that it had spoiled. So, now I know that its spoiled not by common sense, but by the pure visceral response that occurs when I smell it. takes me right back to grossness). I think it was all the sleep I got this weekend. I didn’t leave the house once on sunday. Now I’m going to read Esperanza Rising, and plan for my freshman who need more help then they know.

I can’t even relate to kids these days. Who would have thought a mere 10 years would make the difference between me and a generation of highschoolers. Okay, actually, I can relate to my students in a couple of areas. But I can’t relate to these kids. As Mags would say, there is a reason why I don’t teach white kids. I got good grades in school because a)i was told since i was 8 that if i wanted to go to college I needed to get scholarships, which required good grades, because my mom wasn’t paying for that shit, and b)ass whoopins hurt! A “C” was beyond unacceptable in my parents house. I remember one time senior year of college when I was reviewing my roommate’s transcript with her. she’d begun her undergraduate years as a computer science major-hard math, hard science- so she had tons of C’s and very few A’s. She joked about how her transcript maybe had 6 A’s on it, and i thought about my own which maybe had 15 A’s on it, and didn’t respond. Not A minuses, but A’s. everything changed for her when she switched majors and studied international studies and languages. Now she works for the government and can’t tell me what she does for a living. No matter how good or bad we did in college, I can tell you one thing: we were never paid for our fucking grades!


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