Weekend Update


This past weekend was the great san diego adventure. After trying-unsucessfully- to view two studios, and lunch with amanda at in and out, we headed down to San Diego to hang out with Angella and her folks. We endured a 4 hour drive behind crazy, purpled hued dreadlocked lesbians who were too busy checking out the girls in the cars behind them (driver actually turned fully around in her seat at least three times) and drivers who braked at every turn (the exact opposite of accellerating in completly stopped traffic) and just proved to be bad drivers, we made it to Lemon grove and had the best time with her very cute, very smart little brother, her very pregnant sister, her amazing mom, and a whole slew of family friends. We stayed for the cookout on Sunday night…and I had ribs! YES! my summer is so complete. bring in the clouds..i can die happy. We also had brunch at the hash house with Amanda’s friends from home and traversed around the San Diego Zoo for a couple of hours with the most well behaved 15 month old i’ve ever seen. We drove back late, but made excellent time! I love being surrounded by good people.

Today I skipped work-again- this time to get my hair done. Hair looks great- we added more hair to the front and added length to the back, and layers in the middle- and now my head hurts in ways that make it terribly difficult to focus and/or plan for my students. I got it pretty much worked out though, so no worries. I went through my list of prospective apartments and got rid of all the ones that don’t have what i want (like parking–how does an apartment in koreatown not have parking) or is asking for too much up front (that same apartment is requiring $1945 up front, though i want to call and ask for a clarification). There are still prospects, and still time. With next week being the last week in the month, i want to have something definitely lined up before i give my 30days notice. Then…i’ll start packing. Jam!


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