weekend Update:08/25-27


* moved date with the guyanan from friday to saturday.
* spent too much money on drinks and mexican food with kars and the mandster.
* headed out to long beach for copius amounts of red wine and to see cores for his b-day.
* went to the gym to reestablish my workout routine. if i can break 185 i will be stoked.
* cleaned room for potential renters viewage.
* had dinner wih the guyanan at bossa nova. nice guy, funny.
* had red wine in his kick ass apartment.a
* had sex with him….twice. kisses like an anxious puppy, but impressive package. i almost didn’t know what to do with it.
* watched csi, the chargers vs. seahawks game, andsomething else before i excused mysel to go home ( he even walked me to my car…+for him)
* came home around 1:30 to a very quiet apartment, and wondered if my roommate had actually had guests over.
* woke up around 7 and fucking went back to sleep.
* watching narnia now, planning on planning and washing all of my sheets.

SO……………um, i have no idea if i’ll see this guy again, only because i have on idea what in the hell we’d talk about. the last three times we’ve talked on the phone, and even last night, he was like “you should give me a call sometime” but i haven’t…wait, i have. i call him back. Que sera. or c’est la vie.

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