Labor Day My ass


If I did any less this weekend I would have stopped breathing…and probably eaten a lot less take out. Anyway, I did have quite a bit of firsts this weekend. Lets review shall we.

1. I went to the family BBQ in Lake Stevens, and wondered to myself…why the hell do people live out here? (where,for not the first time, I heard a white person use the word colored)

2. Met a cute Korean-Italian guy who thought I was cute (whom, for not the first time, got my number from someone—that I suspect was my mom—and didn’t call…whatever).

3. Went dancing at the WarRoom on Capitol Hill, (where, not for the first time, drank a gin and tonic in like 30 seconds, and then danced with a stranger in ways that are only appropriate in Vegas).

4. laid on my parents couch and watched High School Musical, The Incredibles, and The Closer (on TnT)….(where, for not the first time, I fell asleep and napped extensively.)

5. went to dee’s first day of school! She was shy and cute! it was orientation so she got her pictures taken, mom filled out paperwork and i think my mom is joining the pta…for the first time.

6. rented a car from a dealership at the airport…drove a hyundai sonata

What a crazy lazy


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  1. the firsts:

    1. watched Candy purchase said drink, turned around to grab my water, turned back around, said drink was gone

    2. glanced over and thought: “Oh my god, are they have sex”, “I didnt know she could move her ass like that”, and finally “is that the same motherfucker”

    damn daaaammmn

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