Weekend Forecast 09/08/06


so the roommate is out of the house for the night, and I am hesistant to leave becuase I just want to the luxury of being here alone. I’m getting ready for the week and the weekend. I’m headed down to San Diego for a baby shower and shenanigans with the members of life @4620. They have a pool…and bbq! Ever since last week, though the hands are doing much better, the rest of the skin on me is dry like the desert. So even though there will be a pool in sight, I may just have to stay away from it to avoid looking ashen. I’ve baked two pans of cookies- which total one whole batch, as opposed to the half batch I usually cook- and the baby gifts have been bought. The sleeping bag in the car, and I will plug in the camera to charge as soon as I’m off the computer. How fucking glad am I that my semester is slowly rolling down hill to a close. I was planning on going to the gym, but its a friday night–a big party night out in old town—so i’m gonna stay in and avoid paying 5 bucks for parking around the corner from the gym. Oh the little ways to save money. i believe that would be called showing self control. Hey! even the little things count.

The big goal tonight is to get at least 4 boxes packed. A teacher friend of mine is going to lend me her truck on Friday…as in, she’ll drive, while students load up the truck with my furniture and unload it at the new apartment. The only peices of furniture I really plan on taking with me are the bed, the trunk, and the ikea table. light at the end of the tunnel, i see ye.


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