Spicy, Spicy


I got Green Curry for dinner tonight. Spicy! Love it. This weekend was super fun. I love a baby shower that is sin juegos y con alcohol. The drives to and fro San Diego were beautiful. I love that part near Calabasas where you are driving near the ocean. Beautiful. Instead of a new mix CD I popped in a taudry Mary Higgins Clark audiobook and relaxed. I found some high quality furniture– furniture actually made out of wood that could be used as fire wood without worry about chemical toxins– for a discount price. I’m gonna get a tall dresser, four doors, light wood for $100…$115 delivered! and I don’t have to put it together. Fuck you, Ikea. Mols also found a new roommate who is moving into my room on September 24th, not October 1st, so my sojourn to Berkeley will have to be put off in favor of moving out and cleaning. After my discovery of discount furniture, I went to the library and grabbed a copy of Malcolm X. I’m thinking next year I’ll have my students read excerpts from the book, if not the entire thing. Its long, and the kids struggle with reading, so I think sections could be as effective. The librarian was really cute, and nice, and used the word “righteous.” I worked out…but still have not packed. Good thing I have all week.


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  1. real wood? impossible. i didnt know they made that any more. Maybe u should take a road trip to dutch country, they make so real good furniture.

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