All in the Family


My favorite teacher at school was my support provider, A. Stevens. She was my support provider for my master’s program, as well as my spiritual development. she’s penecostal, but was very supportive of me becoming catholic. she sees denomination being apart of a large family. We’re all cousins, the members of denominations that act as sisters and brothers, that are all born of the same mother and father. And then other religions or non religions-out side the Christian faith-Buddhism, Islam, Agnostics, and Atheist- are like how people have friends (a certain popular Hollywood religion would also fall into this category, but possibly under the degree of “friendship” that was instituted in 2nd grade when you had to give all of your classmates valentine’s day cards because you were “all friends”). They have different parents, different aunts and uncles, different cousins- they’re own families- just like how our friends have their own families…its a metaphor for the structure of different faiths in our society…it makes sense to me damn it! Whether we’re apart of the same family, and under the same umbrella of faith, or we’re friends, and have different faith structures, we’re human beings who deserve to be loved and taken care of…who should at least respect and take care of one another. I like to view that part of my life through this metaphor.

I view my profession and my philosophy for vocation through the metaphor of being a footsoldier for change. That’s the whole idea behind service leadership…I may not be the POTUSA, or the mayor, the superintendent, or even the principal, but i work at a level, with the people- in this case young adults- to make change happen. My friends and I are at the level where proactively creating change- empowering young people by teaching them to empower themselves and to advocate for themselves with the skills to view the world critically, to articulate themselves effectively, in order to create their own definition for sucess that does not fall within the realms of what will keep their mind, body, or spirit oppressed. That’s why I teach for……..bleh.

So anwyay, baack on the ranch, I find that these two metaphors are not exclusive to myself. They are, in fact, apart of the lives of others, but not necessarly from the same prospective. Like, this scares me. This scares me a little more then newsclips of Islamic extremist, because my mind is prepared to be critical of mass media and what it is feeing me, as well as my own philosophy of not being scared of the unknown until I know its something I should be afraid of. For example, what scares me the most is the picture of that very Aryan looking child with tears in her eyes, hands clasped tightly, in a position of prayer. the documentary is about Christian camps where the children, whose families must believe and be apart of these Evangelical churches, are taught that they are going to be foot soldiers for Christ. Okay, cool, Get, got it..good. But what is scary is the intensity…and the all whiteness of it all. Like Nazi germany…but for Christ. I guess I have a belief that you can live for Christ without beating someone over the head with it. Without sending your kids to a scary camp that will be put in a scary documentary with scary music on its website. SCARY. which automatically makes me think through which lense (negative or positive) of propoganda was this documentary filmed. Which automatically makes me realize that negative or positive…I AM FUCKING CREEPED OUT by the whole notion of it. So, to fall back on my faith as family metaphor, in their own little way each denomination plays the role of creepy uncle Jeff who pays too much attention to young girls- and boys, or looney aunt Betty whose self righteousness makes her “better” then everyone else, though she’s batshit crazy. If you didn’t catch the poke at my own religion in that one, then well, you don’t know me too well.


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