fight club


I always feel a little guilty watching children fight. it doesn’ t happen often, but when it does its like a fucking train wreck: you can’t help but look. I teach high school, so I am less likely to try to break up a fight because 1/2 of the student body is larger then me, and the other 1/2 is really speedy. And if two girls are fight…fuck that! Those bitches can hit each other until they knock out each others teeth and cause a concussion. Today, as I’m standing there talking to our title one coordinator, this din of high pitched voices and commotion come from the left…and suddenly, arms are flailing, shirts are being ripped, and girls are going wild. My friend jumped in and pulled one girl off the other, to my realization that one girl is my students! Yum! this was the same student who got into a fight in my classroom my first year of teaching, which all the boys jumpe don and stopped that fight before it could really go anywhere— and then beat up the same girl in the dean’s office! And you know that’s crazy because in the dean’s office there are two deans, one secerectary, and one police officer…and still, she beat that girl’s ass. In the dean’s office. Cuz she’s crazy. And just happens to be one of my favorite students! Crazy biotches i swear. I told my fifth period boys that girls aren’t worth it right now, and to wait until their 20 so that they get that fucking psychotic itch out of their system.

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