Have you ever noticed how different fresh squeezed orange juice looks from frozen or concentrate? I love the bright color of fresh squeezed orange juice. I guess its because those life enhancing vitamins have not be flash frozen out of the juice, or reduced to mash of frozen mush. Granted, I’ll take orange juice anyway I can get it as long as it isn’t mixed with banana or pineapple. I’m skipping the Americano today- there is no trace of my typical exhaustion- and am having an odwalla orange juice.

So fall has settled on Southern California. Know how I can tell? Sitting in the shade is no longer refreshing…its just plain cold. In the direct sun its abuot 77 degrees, in the shade provided by corporate beverages the temperature is much lower. To me at least. Possibly 70 degrees. I’m always cold so I’m the wrong person to ask.

I had a slight breakdown on the phone with my mother last night. Okay, I started to have a slight panic attack in regards to various situations, and became completely overwhelmed. My crisis monitoring self kicked into gear and called my mom, who has been quite understanding and patient these last three weeks. She has been reassuring, and affirming, and mom like. I really appreciate it. I think I’m just overwhelmed about having to deal with moving, living by myself, grades, getting a life and keeping it. Its all a bit much at first. But it will all be okay.

I’m simply wasting time instead of entering grades. Its what i do.


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