The first seven days


So, I am on day seven of living in my new place. And it fucking rocks. I’ve also learned a few new things about myself, as well as reaffirmed old things about myself. Lets take an inventory shall we.

1. You gotta fight for what you want. Or at least really insist. On tuesday i wrote my land lord a note to give her an update on all the shit that needed to be done with my apartment (the electricity, the stove) and well, by thursday it was all taken care of. have I showed you my new stove? Cuz it kicks ass.

2. Sometimes when you can’t find the pur filter for the pitcher, you just gotta get the filter for you sink. Because, God forbid I actually drink the water that comes straight out of the tap. Honestly, I can’t.

3. I am so domesticated! Check out the baker’s rack I built myself: And check out my fridge!

4. I absolutely have my own space and my own bathroom…and I love having my own space!

5. I love cable. And those bitches on the Flavor of Love are ridiculous. Oh, and I still love A&E.

6. This apartment has been empty for a while. i woke up saturday morning at around 5 am and started to just clean my bathroom…i couldn’t sleep. So I go to teh gym and when I get back, around 9:30 I’m waiting for the cable guy, and from the wall between my apartment and the apartment next door comes the sound of Spanish love songs. OMIGOD, it was super duper loud. I had to go next door and knock like 7 seven times before this young mom opened the door and I asked her nicely to turn it down. it was ridiculously loud.

7. On another note: The Hollywood Bally Total Fitness kicks ass. They have the newest machines, and all of them have a cable tv connected to them! Jam! I love it.

8. someone on the block got a new motorized mini bike because from like 3-8 yesterday they were riding that bitch up and down the street. and now that its after 11 they’re at it again. These are the same young people that have folks over late at night. they live in the building next door.

9. My building is next door to an armenian school, and somewhere on this street is an armenian church because this mornign while cooking breakfast I heard the sound of 40 little voices screaming something in unison.

10. Having my own place allows me to enjoy cooking like 1000x more. This morning I made black beans, scrambled eggs that had tomato, onion, and cheese, with a tortilla. The baker’s rack is really helping me get my wits about myself. yea!

11. Oh…I like this place alot. I went to a party last night in eagle rock and it took minutes to get there. Friday Amanda and I walked to Fred 62. I can actually walk to the places I want to see. Not that I would ever walk there alone at night–its not safe no matter where I am–but its awesome.

12. Mags is back in the city! I got to talk to her last night! I’m soooooo happy! I can’t wait until monday.

13. these bitches on the Flavor of Love are fucking ridiculous. One bitch just said, “right now, my heart is with this man and I’m not letting him go.” i should go back to school and become a psychologist. because these bitches need help.


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