Meet me in St. Louis


I have to say that I must be one of the most self oppressive people in this city. Its not that I want to be oppressive, I’ve just always allowed responsibility to outweigh my internal need to be expressive. I went to college and stopped writing all together. I took so kick ass art classes, and some dance classes though and they were an amazing way to express myself. I just work and work and work now. Or at least for the first two years in LA that’s all I did. And then Mags saved my life by delivering me on to Itunes, Macintosh laptops, and VEGAS! Oh, that ripped the corner off it. But this morning has just awoken or at least shaken or at least added electricity to my arts needs. Can I recount the events of this morning for you:

1. Woke up around 7:30 am. Its what I do.

2. Got a Private phone call on my cell phone. thank goodness I was awake, because I answered the phone to a male voice that said, “its been a long time stranger.” To which I responded “May I ask whose speaking?” And you know who it was….Vegas. You know who I mean. We talked for like 15 minutes and caught up on our lives…and he’s always so sweet because he’s always like, “I can’t believe a girl like you doesn’t have something going on there…” and we talk about good nice times, and I don’t disclose everything, and well, its okay.

3. I turn on the TV, which was last on A&E, to a red headed singer, the former lead singer of the New Pornagraphers, singing, which immediately reminds me of home. God…my life and heart was transported home. Beyond home and straight on to Canada. I want to go and see, and live in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal for a bit. The city parts because my heart belongs in the big city. Which is why I need to stay in Los Angeles more because I need to take advantage of the cool arts scene here and the art classes here.

4. Fucking Save the Last Dance 2 is on MTV again! Oh you know how I love to dance. Oh you know how I love dance movies. i need a spoiler on this movie. NOW! because I keep only seeing the second hour, and there is a secret that is established and disclosed in the first hour, and I have no idea what it is. It has something to do with the black guy and the stuffy white older ballet instructor. I have no clue what it could be. Maybe he was a ballet dancer before too, but now wants to be a hip hop producer, but really I have no clue. All I know is that it really makes that white girl mad! WAY MAD! Like, she is really fucking mad. Doesn’t matter anyway, cuz i’m turning the channel.

I forgot how much I love international movies. Or at least Indie films. I’m not just a superficial pop culture nut…though really, indie movies have their own definitive place in pop culture. I mean really, you’ve got a website, you’re part of the pop culture. I came across this little movie that looks great. It looks romantic, and different, and you know how I love things that are romantic and different. You know how I love the Chinese. They are incredibly beautiful.

I’m gonna look into art classes and just getting my supplies from home. I’m excited to get to design how this place will look. Its my place. I’m not painting anywalls, but I can choose how I use the space. I’m gonna get one of those cool chairs from IKEA. I’m also going to check out textiles in The Alley this next weekend to create a colorful room divider. I don’t know what I’m going to do about guest seating. I was thinking a futon, but we all know how I love open space. Maybe I’ll look into one of those futon chairs. I want a place for my guests to sleep should they want to stay the night. You know one of my friends, or their friends. I’m excited.

I’m gonna get into what I really like throughout my break time. Art, Dance, Museums, Chinese culture, Japanese design, and Mexican food….and boys. No, no, no. I’m done with dating.

Now, I want apples.

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  1. the awesome red headed singer must have been neko case.

    she is amazing, saw her with willie nelson and ryan adams a while ago.

    and i have all the new pornographers albums, and, thankfully she’s still with the band.

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