Who says I need to date? there seems to be an alternative. Stop laughing you whore.

I’m resting my stomach so that I can hit the gym. I forgot how filling Mexican food can be. I ate at noon…and as of 7pm I was still kinda full. I’m hitting the gym at 8. I should be planning for tomorrow. Accreditation is at our school. And really, it is important that I know what is going on tomorrow…but do i care. No. I’ll figure it out. dont’ worry. I’m watching True Life: I’m a reality star. Dumb Asses. lets not cry about wanting privacy when they only job you have is being a reality tv star. Wait, you’re not a real star. And I doubt that any of these people will be able to get work after this episode. Cuz its mad pathetic.

I put together my apartment a little bit. Or at least the book cases. And I even put up my DVDs. See…that’s what we call progress.

Everything is coming along. I just need to see how much I’ll get paid on Friday, because I’m pretty sure that I’m already broke. At this rate, my airline ticket for home is going to be soooo expensive. Eeek.


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