A life without headphones


Oh my…so i’m ease dropping on a conversation happening across the room and within the din of ice being crushed in blenders and folk music. Its a first date I think. And really…really pretentious. I just heard the guy refer to his families country of origin as “the mother country” and then refer to some trait in this very blond woman as “an aryan trait” to which she responded, “aryan…like nazi?” Which i feel like is completely appropriate because really, now a days you gotta feel people out the people you chose to go on first dates with. He’s bald, so who knows…he may just be a nazi. Not because he’s bald, butyou know. they’ve done a fair deal of talking about the industry (tv shows) and at one point she actually used the acronym BTW in an actual, for real sentence. His response, “BTW?” and she says, “Yeah, you know, by the way.” He laughed and said, “Oh, wow. That may work in chatrooms but not in the real world.” which i also feel was a completely appropriate response. He is completely explaining his entire white ethnic background…his greek/possibly turkish/not armenian ethnic background. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….how is it even possible that these two people are talking so loudly that I can hear their entire conversation fairly clearly in a fucking tsarbucks? I mean when was the last time a tsarbucks wasn’t completely, insanely loud to the point of wanting to complain. I mean really, my hearing isn’t all that great for anything besides music anyway, but um, yeah, I can….oh my…he’s mentioning some fantasy game/book/world he’s really into. what is wrong with these people? some things you don’t talk about in public. Sex, yes. Bondage, yes. Beastiality, maybe…quietly. Fantasy role play, no. why would you do that to yourself? Maybe everyone else is just talking really low in order to listen in on this ridiculous conversation. I need a massage.


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  1. Was his coffee overloaded with cream to make it look as white as his bald head? That would have been the real indicator By The Way.

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