I kept trying to type the word network, but it just kept coming out as newton…so the title of this blog is newton. So, I get to keep my job. not that i was endanger of being fired but that there was an issue about conference periods (of which i have none) and compensation as the senior class advisor. we’re still working out that compensation part (hmph- complex math involving percentages and hours worked) but we’ve got the conference period part taken care of. Heres teh deal. i want to find a job in business working for an educational foundation some how. okay, its one of the many things that i want to do. Public administration. I was gonna minor in it in college, but that wasn’t an option at my university (which just recently outed its very own child molesting clergyman–okay, he died in 1989–but the university is owning up to its responsibility anyway). So anyway, shals, i want to do something similar to what you do for the YMCA. How can i get an in, even if its just volunteering?

I’m not sure how great an english teacher I’m being of late…simply because I read two drafts of my students final exams….and don’t you know the drafts my students turned in on Monday were way better then their final copies. Oh wait, that is so not my fault. Its more the obvious that they rush through trying to get me a completed product and do not read each others notes on improvement. So I take it back…i’m doing a perfectly fine job. I even have my kids proof reading and evaluating each others work. Next step: get them to actually improve based on those evaluations.

tomorrow is another day and i am thankful for all the great things that I have experienced today.


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  1. After reading your post I’m stuck with an indelible image of the Village People singing “YMCA” while eating fig Netwons.

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