Weekend in review


Pretend like you’re reading this yesterday…monday. Then it will all make sense:

Saturday, I proctored the SAT, which meant waking up at about 6:30 am after a long evening of drinks, and then saturday night I took 152 students down to Knottsberry farm for Halloween Haunt. I am in charge of the senior class and all their events, so we had a great time after we got through the traffic and the long lines…it was insanely packed. It was also hilarious watching children being chased around by guys in masks…completely killed any fear i had. I sometimes don’t have the right equivalent of whatever we have in our bodies that trigger us to fight or flee. sometimes I just stand there and have no idea how to respond…so last night whenever a “scary” person would jump out at me, I would just say “hi” and walk away. i was in a maze and this guy in a mask stepped in front of me, and i kinda stopped and said hi and giggled nervously, and he waved a little then pointed over my shoulder, and i so didn’t want to look back because i didn’t want to get scared, but i had to and there was someone else there in a mask so I screamed a little, and giggled, and walked away. I’ve been more frightened when i’m snuck up upon at school or something. It’s all psychological.


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  1. You should have taken advantage of the no fear attitude, and feigned being so scared that you passed out. You might have gotten a free drink out of it.

  2. But then if you had a free beverage, and you spilled it on your lap, some people might think you got so scared you lost bowel control. Eh, who cares, free beverage right?

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