It is unusually warm tonight. I expected the air to have a chil to it when I let the gym tonight, but instead it was positively dry. This explains the red flag advisory for the area. There may not be much sun, but there sure isn’t any rain to keep things from being ignited by the stray lit cigarette or the lighting from an electricity storm. Hmmmm…october is quite a queer month. I’m watching Alfred Hitchcock because I really enjoy hitchcock…except when the plots are weak, as this episode’s plot is. Um, do you ever notice that the women in these episodes are always much older looking then their proclaimed age?

I worked out after school today and believe I’ve managed to find the period of time when there is a slight lull at the gym… around 5:30 pm. I went on Monday at 7 and it was packed, and have been at 8 and at 9 and in the morning, and it seems that 5:30 in the afternoon will work, hopefully. Anway, I was finishing up my workout when this thin dancer of a black girl approached me about showing me some ab excercises (she worked for ballys) and being that I hadn’t really done my abs, I said sure. So she took me down to the PT area, and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I, in fact, have a bowl full of jelly for a stomach. I was hoping it would be a bowl full of preserves—blackberry, my favorite— because jelly has an awfully wierd consistency. Anyway, back on the ranch…it was interesting because she was like a thinner version of me when I was in college…except she is a dancer from new york, but all the same qualities: dark skin, super short natural hair cut, and silver hoop earings, medium sized. Very cool. She’s gonna give me a free hour on Friday, and even though I have no intention of buying sessions, but infact, stealing all of her pointers to improve my own work out, maybe we’ll be friends. I sound incredibly naive, but she seemed cool. My mother and I had a long talk yesterday about establishing new friendships and maintaining old friendships even through times of transition. I’m the worst at it, and she didn’t really get good at it until she was in her 40’s and had to start making connections to start setting play dates for my neice, and so its good for us both to practice. It would make no sense to pay this girl to be my friend, but she’s a dancer, and asked me about jazz in seattle, and its cool to meet people I guess.

Okay..what the fuck is goiing on in this episode? Have you ever read The Most Dangerous Game, about the world famous large game hunter who falls over board and lands on an island inhabited by a ridiculously rich, yet bored man who has experience hunting all the wonders of the world, and is, well, now bored…so he begins hunting..oh, I won’t spoil it for you. but i’m sure you get the picture. its like that, except this old man and this young guy are dating the same “not-so 25” 25-year old, and when the young guy reluctantly tells the girl he loves her, she vows to break it off with the old man…which doesn’t happen…so he goes to confront the old dude, who then insist that they “duel” it out for her hand. Enter stage left the pugilist butler who tries to goad the young man into the duel. this is ridiculous…the lenghts men will go to for “not quite 25 years old any more” 25. Slut. That Enid. I kid. I should go wash my hair. this is ridiculous.


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  1. I think it’s great you’re making new friends, and “jock” friends at that. All kidding aside it really is a good deal to meet people and grow friendships, and yes, you’re Mother told me to tell you that. 😛

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