I’ve woken up these past two days with what feels like a whole in my brain. I took sinus medicine yesterday to see if it would hlep, but it did not. I’ve taken an excederine today, but its still there. Insane. I can’t wait until everyday feels like a weekend. I will certainly work during my break( $500 in studen loan payments, a $300 plane ticket home, plus new tires, new insurance, and new hair make that a neccesity) but also enjoy days off at a time. people with normal jobs work all year round, granted people with “normal” jobs don’t end up taking as much work home as the normal teacher. Since I’ve put a moritoreum on taking work home-as in I won’t bring it into my house, but I will work on it at Tsarbucks- I don’t fall into that category. I can never sleep in on weekends as it is, I naturally wake up around 7:30, which makes it easy for me to get a lot of errands done before 11:30. The internet was down for a bit this weekend, so here are some of the random thoughts that I’ve had:

1.) Is it just me, or does it seem like Christian Slater is exactly the same as the character he played in the movie “Very Bad Things”? I just don’t believe that its much of a stretch for him, just like I’m sure it wasn’t a stretch for Jack Nicholson to play all those uniquely different old man roles he’s done of late.

2.) I had this fucking dream on Thursday night where I was eating those new Grands Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls. Who dreams about eating Cinnamon rolls? I must be waiting for Christmas, that’s when we have those.

3.) where the hell did these scars on my hands come from? they’re small, yet quite disbturbing.

I certainly hope that this headache is not the remants of a hangover that I should of had Friday, as a result of what one might call, “getting fucked up,” then gorging on pizza. I could barely work out yesterday, and pushed my self to finish today-but was much better. fuck this head though.


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  1. 1) It’s not you, christian slater is a hack, and one of the world’s worst actors. He needs to accept he’s going to be stuck doing infomercials from here on out.

    2) Either you are thinking ahead for christmas or you’re knocked up. Sounds like a potential blog post to me..,

    3) The scars on your hands are either from alien abuction experiments, or from the gym you work out at, perhaps from the free weights.

    Sorry about the headache.

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